Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why people want to have plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is becoming a wider and wider trend. The number of people who come to hospitals or plastic surgery centers to be consulted about cosmetic surgery, or to adopt actual plastic surgery is raising dramatically. So, what are the causes of that wider trend?

The first cause to be mentioned is the mind set of human beings: adore the beauty. Why beauty pageants is so attractive, being attended by thousand of women, and being followed by million of audiences? Because the woman who thinks she beautiful is proud of that beauty and wants to show it, and the audiences have desire to watch that beauty of her. And the final explanation is just the love of beauty of us.
Next, let’s talk about the development of plastic surgery technique. Over recent years, the technique of plastic surgery has achieved a remarkable development. The surgery can now be performed more quickly and less painful to patients. More new technique has been invented, helping people to fix more part of their body if they wish to. They can make their eyes wider, make their nose higher, their body thinner and skin more silky with a few hour surgery. Beautify themselves has never been so easily with modern technique.

Last but not least, the effect of media about advantages of plastic surgery is also significant. Everyday, floating on the TV the movies with a common formula: take an average, unhappy individual, alter her appearance, and after a surgical transformation she is magically a success. Media helps the plastic surgery centers advertise this services consequently and effectively. Day in day out, people becoming to trust that changing their face will also changing their destiny, and the undergo plastic surgery to realize that dream. Celebrities who have got plastic surgery and admit that also an encouragement for people who want to improve their appearances.