Thursday, May 21, 2015

Potential Bad Plastic Surgery In Iran: Threat From Rhinoplasty

The trend of rhioplasty surgery has raised strongly in Iran a few year ago. According to a source of information, about 200.000 procedures of nose job are performed every year in Iran, without the number of Iranians who went abroad for such a procedure. However, a large percent in those case are conducted by unlicensed practitioners, which pose a threat for the patients’ health and beauty.

An Egypt expert in cosmetic surgery whose name Rizk, reveals that he has treated many clients from Iran. Many of them are victim of bad plastic surgery, mostly rhinoplasty.
I can't generalize, but the ones I've seen -- they come in with pinched and over-scooped noses. According to Rizk, those terrible results stem from outdated techniques, "may be from the '80s." The expert says: “Maybe they aren't surgeons at all!”

The dark side of the raising rhinoplasty surgery trend in Iran is undeniable. One of the reason for that is explained as the nose is one of the most complicated organs in the body. “You have to understand the outside of a nose and the inside, understand the physiology. Unless you [understand] the functional and cosmetic implications of the nose job, you even won't be able to perform it properly," explains Rizk.

Another reason may be the a slew of medical problems -- including sinusitis and a collapsed nose. They are totally possible to result a bad plastic surgery in one’s nose.

Statistics show that around 30 percent of Iranians who have cosmetic surgery are dissatisfied with the results. But that may be not the exact figure of people who regret about their bad plastic surgery.

Iranian authorities have no action to control the bad situation in plastic surgery field so far. This also means that Iranian people have to make a hard choice: to be beautiful while accepting risks, or to be considered as a fogey in a society which is becoming to “fake beauty”.