Wednesday, May 20, 2015

British Socialite Killed Herself After The Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

A tragic happened in UK with the death of a socialite. The woman was disappointed about her plastic surgery gone wrong and consequently, she committed suicide.

Sandra D'Auriol was a British socialite, who had undergone a facelift on Jan. 21. When waking up in the morning after the surgery, she did not believe in her eyes that the bad-looking woman in the mirror was her. Then she found her new appearance was unacceptable. The decision to jump off a high rise was taken was the final choice.

According to the authorities, D'Auriol stripped herself naked and went on the top of the Camden Medical Arts building. Police came and tried to persuaded her to act wisely, to came back with her children. A 3 hour negotiation happened, but ultimately, the desperate women still jumped off.

Investigation reveals that the plastic surgery gone wrong of Sandra D'Auriol was conducted by Dr. Brian Novack. Dr. Novack was quite famous in this field, and was reported that having previously worked with several celebrities, including Demi Moore. However, authorities have not given any final conclusion about the suicide, because they believe that there might have been other serious issues, rather than only the plastic surgery gone wrong, which made D'Auriol upset about the surgery outcome that she took her own life.

D'Auriol is a mother of two. She was known as a talented jewelery maker who used to work for Asprey, a favorite jeweler of the British royal family. Her "one-of-a-kind" jewelery which created every season was exhibited in several major cities like Paris, London and New York, and received great admiration. The death of experience and clever jewelery maker is considered as a “tragic”, according to some of her former colleague.

Further information about the death of D'Auriol is under investigation. Authorities do not want this accident to be a bad precedent for the plastic surgery industry in the country.