Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Confession And Further Speculation

Rarely a celebrity admits that she has plastic surgery. But the charming news anchor Julie Chen was so brave that she admited about her eye widening process. However, the further speculations about other Julie Chen plastic surgery does exist and float among curious people.

Appearing in the “Talk” host, Julie Chen was frank that she underwent plastic surgery to widen her eyes. Rumors about Julie Chen plastic surgery, especially surgery of eye widening emerged after a photo of her had been published in the mass media. The photo display a new Julie Chen with wider, deeper and more attractive eyes.

Then Julie Chen gave more details about the process of widening her eyes, by telling a story. That was several years ago when she was 25 years old, working as a local news reporter in Ohio. Her Asian eyes did not impress the agent who she wished to be her representative, and he asked her to do something to make it wider. Julie took the agent's advice to heart and considered her options, and finally decided to adopt it. Consequently, she had wider eyes, got her desirable representative, went far in her career as we see today. But her family was divided with her decision to take plastic surgery to widen eyes. “Members of my family wanted to disown me”, said Julie.

The reason and process of Julie’s eye widening are the sole story she reveals. Other details about Julie Chen plastic surgery is still in secret. She stated: "I do not have cheek implants. I did not take out fat. … I did not have chin surgery. I did not have a nose job. These are not veneers. … I've never even had braces." Julie Chen denied, and there has been no proof that is enough persuasive so far.

However, the only advantage of the unclear information about Julie Chen plastic surgery is that, it entertains gossipy people.