Thursday, May 21, 2015

Benefits and disadvantages of plastic surgery

Satistics show that a dozen thousands of plastic surgery procedure occurs in other countries each year. For example, this figure in UK is 43,172, arccording to BAAPS (to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) in the sole year 2012. Does the larger trend of plastic surgery have any benefit or disadvantages?

The answer is both. Plastic surgery brings a lot of benefit for people who adopt it – of course, if not, why they get plastic surgergy? However, the potential risks of plastic surgery is also undeniable, as described following.

First, let’s discuss about the benefit of plastic surgery. Obviously, the primary purpose of plastic surgery is to improve people appearance. Being performed by an expert surgeon for the right reasons, plastic surgery will make people look younger, more attractive, and re-contour one's body. That leads to a better life for them, when they boost their self-confidence, or self-esteem. Moreover, many types of plastic surgery can certainly improve health conditions. One of the example is that, women are able to breathe better and relieve back pain with the surgery of breast reduction.

However, the bad side of plastic surgery even is more worthy to study. The most common disadvantage from plastic surgery is the risk that may come from several reasons: using the wrong doctor, bad technique, surgery abuse, etc. Many people have to suffer from this tragedy, from normal housewives to famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Heidi Montag, Carrot Top, and a lot of others. They not only destroyed their reputation, but also harm their own health. Headaches, vomiting and prolonged pain, excessive bleeding, temporary numbness.. are common symptoms of failed plastic surgery. Besides, time-consuming and money-consuming is other proof for disadvantages of this technique.

In conclusion, the statement “there is no free lunch” is always true in all circumstances. Making a decision to have plastic surgery, people have to evaluate if it’s worth for them.