Thursday, May 21, 2015

Korean Plastic Surgery Is Shifting From Generations

The next surgery to be mentioned is Brachioplasty. With this kind of plastic surgery, the patient will have their arm fixed. In other words, brachioplasty is the removal of excess and aging skin from the upper arms. It is preferred by women who owning ‘flappy’ upper arms for some reasons, and feeling self-conscious about that.

Sparkles, a woman from Seoul said that today, rather than worrying about their own appearances, parents tend to become pressuring their daughters into having cosmetic procedures. Korean nowadays call doing your eyes and nose the "basics." They're the standard procedures, as not only the parents themselves, but also their children should adopt.

Sparkles herself was encouraged by her mother. She told that her mother had reiterated the sentence “It's not that big of a deal, just close your eyes, go to sleep and it's done. You wake up and it's with you for the rest of your life" since she was in high school. And after her successful plastic surgery procedure, the idea of letting her daughter to have plastic surgery is growing in her mind.

“It's like in the 90s if you got a Discman because your parents didn't want you to be the only kid at school without one”, the young woman made a comparison to illustrate her thought. In the society where everyone is pretty or handsome, our children can not be the ugly one. We are proud of the premium quality of our Korean plastic surgery, why don’t we take advantages of it and let our kids enjoy the benefits - That’s the main point of Sparkles.

Let’s accept the fact that Korean plastic surgery trend has already become so popular that people share information about the place they had surgery day by day, both via online methods and directly. Girls who had undergone such plastic surgeries consider them as a running joke, laugh about the fact that they probably all have the same doctor and teasing one another about not having their eyelids torn apart enough. And it is reaching to another step of development.