Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Discussions on Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top, whose real name is Scott Thompson, is well known all over the world as an talented comedian. He impresses audiences with his red hair and his peculiar appearance. But that’s not all. The recent rumors about Carrot Top plastic surgery also make him to be more famous.

There are a lot of assumptions, explanations or claims about Carrot Top plastic surgery. Mostly, it is believed that Carrot Top plastic surgery included a least Botox injections, rhinoplasty and laser resurfacing. People claim that based on the pictures of Carrot Top which show a huge change in his face. His lips, jaws and cheeks look so strange, unsuitable with each other and make his face freaky and horrible. Negative comments about the terrible results of Carrot Top plastic surgery is inevitable in this situation.

However, a minor number of people hold that the change in his face was because of the age factor, which can also bring some changes in the body parts. This arguments stated that the lips, jaws and cheeks differences are not only the result of excessive plastic surgery but also due to growing age factor.

A less persuasive idea is that steroids causes his face changes, too. Carrot Tops may be in habit of taking steroids because his slim figure is surprisingly changed into remarkable body building figure. It is also thought that steroids’ side effects may alter his cheeks and jaws.

Carrot Top plays the familiar plot of celebrity when being speculated that had under gone plastic surgery: keep silence. He neither denied nor admitted about whether plastic surgery is real. Maybe he feels ashamed to admit honestly, while also does not want to lie. No matter what the reason is, the silence about Carrot Top plastic surgery did create an interesting topic for gossipy people and media to talk during their chit-chat.